"The Navrattan Group to set up green Cement Plant in Punjab"

Green Cement

Navrattan Crete

Innovation in Indian Cement Industry

A critical factor for Navrattan Group of companies is Innovation in thoughts, processes, approaches and strategies. Innovation to build a boundary-less world, innovation to develop alternative energy sources, innovation to completely suppress pollution producing technologies. Our objective is to constantly deliver breakthrough ecological products and services.

Our ‘GREEN’ technologies are based solely on the concept of making earth a better place to live in near future. ‘Green’ Cement is one such invention of Navrattan Crete Industries LLP that will change the way we produce cement. Cement manufacturing is known to pollute the environment as it alone counts for up to 8% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Researched and developed in our lab, Navrattan Crete is an environment friendly concrete made from all natural sources that produce no pollutants during its making process. Navrattan Crete uses a Proprietary Binder derived through a species of Algae and other marine life sources, and a guarded extraction process, which ultimately transforms an Enzyme of the Algae into a highly concentrated Elastic Polymeric Powder.

Advanced scientific research has enabled Navrattan Crete to understand and bring to you a product that will improve the cement industry’s performance and further develop even greater innovations.

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