"The Navrattan Group to set up green Cement Plant in Punjab"

Navrattan Cement Industries LLP.

Navrattan Cement Industries LLP. is the only company in India to innovate and introduce patented Navrattan Crete, one of its kind environment-friendly and sustainable ‘GREEN’ cement technology that uses no kilns and produces no pollution during its manufacturing process. The technology has been researched and developed by our scientists and uses a proprietary binding agent that is combined with materials containing alumina silicate that allow the cement to be produced at ambient temperatures and dramatically lowers the CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Structural Qualities

Navrattan Crete surpasses Portland cement in its Structural Quality :
  • NC stops oxidation ensuring no rusty bars
  • Less expensive as compared to OPC
  • NC offers higher Tensile strength
  • Its low coefficient of expansion facilitates it to work in freezing temperatures
  • NC offers super insulating properties resulting in absolutely no heat transfer
  • NC is hydrophobic and is highly resistant to water, acids, corrosion or sulfates

Brand Launch

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