"The Navrattan Group to set up green Cement Plant in Punjab"

Energy Formation

Sunsul Technology

An Electric Amplification System

Our nation has abundant solar, water, wind, and geothermal energy resources. Navrattan Green Power Corporation Limited has collaborated with FAKON Vállalkozási Kft of Hungary, Europe to introduce SUNSUL technology for the first time in India. A breakthrough technology in renewable energy sector produces ‘GREEN’ electricity 24x7. The system is a self-looped motor generator using sulphur (available as an industrial waste product) and solar power. The technology is much more efficient than Solar PV cells as it works even in no sun conditions.

The set-up consists of a Tower, solar heat collector, heat exchanger, steam turbine, a generator, sulphur condensing tank and various other compartments.

The System operates using S8, which is an industrial waste material. Heat, generated form Solar Heat Collector converts this S8 into S2 which in turn releases immense amount of energy. This energy creates extreme high heat of approx. 900 degree Celsius. High temperature piping transfers this massive heat to water and the steam thus produced runs the turbines and the generator. The Sulphur used in Sunsul System Prototype cools down very slowly and the system can thus produce power even after the sunset.

NGPCL is the only company in India to get the patents of this innovative technology and is soon coming up with a 1 MW capacity power plant in Punjab and will gradually move to other places in India.

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