"The Navrattan Group to set up green Cement Plant in Punjab"

Navrattan Science & Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Navrattan Science and Technology Pvt. Ltd. have many patents to its name. The company deals in acquiring and developing the Intellectual Property Rights of various inventions and innovations in Science and Technology sectors. To name a few the company owns rights to renewable source of energy generation, Eco-friendly cement, ‘GREEN’ cementitious additives.


  • Reco Cement Additives
    Company signed a Master License Agreement with Reco Cement Products LLC. pursuant to which it has been granted the exclusive right in India to manufacture cementitious design mixes utilizing the Company’s intellectual property. It also has the right to sublicense the Company’s intellectual property to other third parties in India.

  • Sunsul technology
    Sunsul technology is the name given to a set-up involving a solar dish, a tower, a steam turbine, heat exchanger, generator etc. The system uses solar energy to heat Sulphur which breaks down to produce immense amount of heat. This in turn is used to heat water and produce steam. The steam produced runs the turbine and the generator to give 24 hour supply of ‘GREEN’ electricity.


Navrattan Crete
At Navrattan Sciences we have developed a compound called Navrattan Crete which is stronger than a conventional cement and has three times the compressive and tensile strength of Portland cement and requires significantly less energy to produce, thus leaving a substantially smaller carbon footprint.


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