"The Navrattan Group to set up green Cement Plant in Punjab"

Navrattan Green Power Co Ltd.

NGPCL is the first company in India to bring SUNSUL technology in India. It is an Electric Amplification System, a technology that operates in a closed loop system to produced ‘GREEN’ electric energy. SUNSUL produces incredible amounts of electricity without a constant feed stock of fossil fuels, atomic energy or hydro powered means. It recycles its own energy feed stock in a closed loop system using solar energy.

SUNSUL Technology

Sunsul technology is the name given to a set-up involving a solar dish, a tower, a steam turbine, heat exchanger, generator etc. The system uses solar energy to heat Sulphur which breaks down to produce immense amount of heat. This in turn is used to heat water and produce steam. The steam produced runs the turbine and the generator to give 24 hour supply of ‘GREEN’ electricity.

Sunsul Technology Presentation

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