"The Navrattan Group to set up green Cement Plant in Punjab"

Sewage Water Sludge Elimination

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Navrattan Group has joined hands with Ferenc Morvai for developing an innovative sludge incinerator in various cities of India to solve the problem of Sewage sludge disposal, destruction of biogas residues & solid waste destruction.

In Year 2013 Ferenc Morvai developed the dried sewage sludge incineration process, which reported number P1300466 under Intellectual Property National Office (Hungary). Based on the reported procedure Ferenc Morvai has developed the production technology, the basis of which his company manufactured first in Hungary - and perhaps also in Europe - a unique mobile incinerator system. The prototype device has been installed in Eger, Kolyuk street Sewage Plant.

Main Characteristics

  • The machine operates without human intervention, guided by a computer works, containerized mobile version
  • The operation required one person as electrical engineer and 1 person as technician
  • Pollutants in the flue gas escaping from the unit by 20-25% below the current limit in the Act in force
  • Energy recovery is possible: hot water, hot air, or electricity
  • High moisture content sewage sludge disposal and destruction
  • Within prefired special material in all directions provides the escalator for burning material handling equipment


  • The sewage sludge and waste are incinerated environmentally sound manner, without the intervention of human hands
  • Reduces Enviornmental Loads
  • Useable in energy production
  • Investment Cost Reduction - The cost is about return on investment over 5 years