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Navrattan Group – The Indian Scenario

Energy generation and consumption is a vast sector in India involving the use of both renewable and non-renewable sources. Navrattan Group focus is to promote the use of ‘GREEN’ (renewable) energy generation techniques so as to protect the environment and also save some fossil fuels for our future generations.

Navrattan Green Power Co Ltd. is one such company formed in the year 2000 with a sole concept of innovating and bringing new technological energy generation concepts in India. The company in collaboration with FAKON Vállalkozási Kft of Hungary, Europe has brought a novel approach in India called the SUNSUL Technology. It is an Electric Amplification System involving the use of Industrial waste product to generate electricity through the use of solar power. SUNSUL Technology offers some great advantages over the conventional Solar PV energy generation. The system is designed to work 24 hours and is much more efficient than Solar PV generation.

The company is currently working on setting up a 1 MW power capacity generator in the state of Punjab and will gradually move to other places in India.

The Navrattan Group transcends conventional barriers of business because we believe it is our duty to facilitate inclusive growth.