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Navrattan Crete is a product especially researched and developed by our team to provide cement that is much stronger and durable than the Portland cement. Unlike Portland cement, the Navrattan Crete does not require the use of energy intensive kilns or large set-ups. Navrattan Crete uses a proprietary catalyst/binding agent that is combined with materials containing alumina silicate that can allow the cement to be produced at ambient temperatures, from sub-tropical to below freezing, meaning that it takes 80 to 90% less energy to produce and dramatically lowers the CO2 released into the atmosphere.

RECO Cement is an Eco-friendly cement binder technology introduced for the first time in India. Roman Ecological Cement Products Pvt Ltd. in collaboration with Reco cement Products of United states of America has developed this innovative cementitious additives that not only protects the environment but is also stronger than Portland cement. The additives are made primarily from recycled materials that are usually sources locally which would normally be placed into landfills, thus lowering the overall cost of the cement. The cementitious additives does not require the use of large kilns and multiple design mixes can be produced in the same factory with no alterations to either the equipment or the production line