"The Navrattan Group to set up green Cement Plant in Punjab"

Roman Ecological Cement Products Pvt. Ltd.(RECO)

RECP is one-of-its-kind Company in India to bring forth innovative RECO cement binder technology. The cementitious additives produced by RECP takes up to 15-75% of the weight volume of Portland cement and are made with recycled products to enhance its strength, durability and workability. The mineral admixture mostly consists of fly-ash and slag which helps to increase strength, greatly reduce pollution and help avoid landfills.

Why it is Better?

RECP’s cementitious additives are Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • The cementitious additives are made with recycled products produced by other industries
  • RECP produces CO2 free cementitious additives
  • It costs much less as compared to Portland Cement
  • The incorporation of fly ash and slag in concrete improves considerably its resistance to sulphate attack.
  • Increased strength and durability

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