"The Navrattan Group to set up green Cement Plant in Punjab"

Green Cement

Reco Cement Additives

Apart from cement Navrattan Group also has rights for the patented RECO cement cementitious additives, another innovation in cement industry introduced in India for the first time. The cementitious additives take up to 15 to 75% of the weight volume of Portland cement.

Roman Ecological Cement Products Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to providing innovative Eco-friendly and sustainable cementitious additives that are much durable and strong than the traditional OPC. The cement additives produced are prepared from recycled materials and are thus more affordable.

Performance Characteristics

  • Roman Cement based additives achieves result in excess of 9000 PSI
  • Our additives are certified to ASTM C595 “Standard Specification for Blended Cements”
  • Our Cementitious additives has a higher compressive strength and are resistant to chemical attack
  • Our design mixes set faster and more efficiently due to lower need for cooling in large pours and no need for accelerators in the hardening phase
  • Our design mixed does not require the use of caustic chemicals and air entrainment
  • Concrete prepared with our additives have significantly lower chloride ion permeability denser than the control concrete.

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