"The Navrattan Group to set up green Cement Plant in Punjab"

Building Greener, Cleaner and Better Tomorrow.


A critical factor for Navrattan Group of companies is Innovation in thoughts, processes, approaches and strategies. Innovation to build a boundary-less world, innovation to develop alternative energy sources, innovation to completely suppress pollution producing technologies. Our objective is to constantly deliver breakthrough ecological products and services.

Navrattan Group is future oriented as we strive hard to develop and acquire such intellectual properties that seem to benefit the mankind and our generations to come. Humans have done much harm to the environment since industrialization came into being. We have taken our resources for granted without thinking how it would affect our future. But it’s high time to realize our mistakes and start working to reverse the damage done.

Our ‘GREEN’ technologies are based solely on the concept of making earth a better place to live in near future.

Our Research & Development team works to develop and acquire such innovations that will change the way we live. Our RECO cement binder is a patented technology that utilizes industrial waste products like fly-ash and slag to manufacture a much stronger, durable and sustainable cement binder which produces no pollution while its formation. Navrattan Crete is another innovation in cement industry; cement that requires no large kilns or 100 thousand dollar manufacturing plant, the cement is a special composition invented using marine life to form a replacement of Ordinary Portland Cement. We are also the only company in India to get the rights of patented SUNSUL technology of Hungary. The invention uses industrial wastes to produce electricity using solar power and thus protects the environment. The group is soon coming up with 1MW power station in the state of Punjab.